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    Empowering Technology Based SMEs

    Step electronic magazine, a subdivision of Majid Society, interviewed Dr. Hashim AlZain, a trained specialist in the field of spare part design using reverse engineering techniques, who is an activist in the field of the developing a knowledge-based economy talks about the role of reverse engineering in sustainable development and localizing the manufacturing of spare parts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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    Reverse Engineering Technical Overview

    DarTec provides the service of localizing the manufacturing of spare parts that are old, obsolete, discontinued, out-of-warranty, parts with missing engineering drawings, complicated geometry parts, expensive parts, or no longer offered by OEMs using advanced 3D laser and optical scanning techniques coupled with engineering know-how.

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    Long-range 3D laser scanning of a prison

    GKS scanned an entire prison complex to provide the true-to-life full-scale 3D data of every area. The scan data files were assembled, smoothed, and modeled into a digital replica of the entire prison complex.

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    Long-Range 3D Laser scanning examples

    Today 3D scanning is a viable alternative for measuring large sites and structures like never before. This super-fast technology makes even the largest scale project time efficient by collecting 15 million points of data in less than one minute.

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    Large Boat Scanning

    A company that designed a small electrically powered watercraft needed CAD data of the deck and hull to enable a higher level of manufacturing in greater quantities. Since the craft would incorporate many ancillary parts, the CAD model would also facilitate assembly design and discussions with upline suppliers.

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    Complicated geometry scanning

    A high-tech engineering firm designed a mounting system for a specific racing seat in a new product line. To attach the seat to the high force electromechanical rod-style actuators, high-accuracy locations for the mounting holes were needed, along with lower accuracy scanning requirements for the basic contours on the back of the seat.

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    Motorcycle scanning

    A leading manufacturer of high quality ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle parts and accessories needed a faster and more accurate way to capture the ATV’s geometry for their part design and development process. Watch as GKS 3D scans an ATV!

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    Large vehicle scanning

    The entire Solectria Sunrise electric car, including the body, chassis, and components, were scanned with a portable laser scanner to create a viable CAD model. See how the portable scanner was used!

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    3D laser scanning for inspection

    Traditional Metrology can be slow, expensive, labor intensive and imperfect. This video shows the process developed by Laser Design & GKS Services to collect data in 3D with 3D laser scanning.

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    High-Accuracy Scanning

    Known as the world leader in accuracy, these CMM’s are integrated with Laser Design’s fast and ultra-precise laser scanners for systems with the best of all technologies.

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    What is 3D laser scanning?

    3D laser scanning is not magical. True, the technologies that make it possible are very advanced and quite amazing. But behind the mirrors—found in the laser probe (without any smoke)—there is a lot of know-how and experience that makes the laser scanning experience seem so easy.

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    Off-site ultra-high accuracy laser scanner

    More accurate, more automated, faster, and easier to use than ever before, these systems offer the ultimate capabilities for scanning difficult shapes.

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    Onsite portable laser scanner

    Laser Design Inc., the world leader in 3D scanning, introduces its next generation technology – the SURVEYOR Space Arm. This high accuracy, portable system is the industry’s fastest, most flexible, and easy to use arm.

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