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    3D Laser Scanning Ensures Accuracy and Safety of Free-form Turbine Blades

    Turbine blades, made of curved vanes on a central rotating spindle, are everywhere. They whirl in everything from jet engines to wind-and water-power generators. They are even part of refrigeration processes and new tidal facilities that produce electricity. However, turbine blades of all sizes present a difficult challenge to their manufacturers: accurately producing and maintaining their complex free-form surfaces and convoluted shapes.

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    3D Scanning Helps Kimberly-Clark Save $500,000

    This Laser Design success story is from Kimberly-Clark, who utilized their 3D scanning system to help save them $500,000!

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    As-Built vs. Design Intent: A Reverse Engineering Dilemma

    One issue that has been common in reverse engineering scanning projects
    for all industries over the years is making sure that customers know
    exactly what type of CAD file deliverable they want from GKS based on
    what they will be doing with the data and their budget.

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    Foundry in Fine Form after 3D Laser Verification from GKS

    In an effort to streamline their verification process, a well established
    foundry turns to GKS to perform 3D laser scanning on castings.

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    Long Range Scanning: As Featured in Professional Surveyor

    Today another revolutionary technology is challenging the surveyor’s
    world of two-dimensional flat drawings and blueprints of buildings,
    bridges, and landscapes. Three-dimensional large-scale laser scanning has
    been making inroads for over 10 years, but the paradigm shift is still in
    the works.

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    Laser Design’s SURVEYOR FA System Portable High-Accuracy 3D Laser Scanning

    Many industries are now benefitting from the increased speed of 3D laser
    scanning to significantly reduce the time required for product
    development, functional analysis, and inspection of their products.

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    As Featured in Time Compression Magazine: Reverse Engineering Things to Know

    Time Compressions explored the topic: What do you do if you have a die or
    mold that was made long ago and you don’t have any computer-aided design
    (CAD) data for it? What do you do if you have a model that was crafted by
    a sculptor and you’d like to use it for a produ

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    Case Study Portfolio

    25 years of successful laser scanning around the globe—download our
    portfolio, check out some of our work and learn more about 3D laser

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