Case Study: Reverse Engineering

Saudi Specialized Products Company – WAHAJ

Sample parts with hairline crack was received from the customer (Wahaj) who needed to manufacture the part himself but lacked the engineering drawings. DarTec’s reverse engineering services were solicited to create the required 3D CAD model to fabricate the part, which cost the customer only SR10,000 compared to the ~SR200,000 cost of replacing he entire die.

Contact Person:
Jorge Ellis Cortez Reyes
Procurement Officer

SEC Rabigh Plant

From left-to-right, damaged sample part that was received from SEC-Rabigh plant, where DarTec reverse engineered the part despite its decaying condition and after successfully fabricated the 1st part for SEC, it only took 2-weeks to fabricate each of the parts with high quality instead of 150-days with questionable quality from alternative sources. The customer initially tried one part and when satisfied, pleased the order for 3 additional impellers of the identical size and features. The impellers have been installed since June 2015 and have been running successfully ever since.  

Contact Person:
Eng. Hassan Al-Haidari (0-59-429-5966)

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